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Stadsmagazine CittA bij de Gazet van Antwerpen besteedt 12 pagina's aan het nieuwe bo...

Flanders, state of the arts

Flanders as we know it, is the result of people, their environment and history. Of knowledge, no-nonsense behaviour and nonconformity. Which are widespread: in the industry, education, care, creative economy, culture, science, technology, tourism and heritage. Everything is interlinked, to turn into a way of living, acting and being that cannot be unravelled. Our ‘state of the arts’ is the result of generations of evolution, consolidation and migration.
We Flemish speak many languages: the technical and humane, the concrete and abstract, and on top of that, those of many other countries. But the universal language we will be using in an attempt to reveal what is so typical about Flanders, is the language of the image. We have filled pages of priceless pictures to get closer to the truth. .Each one of them unveils a piece of who we are. We invite you to keep your eyes wide open. And the rest will follow. We hope it will be a pleasant acquaintance.

hardcover, 33 x 33 cm, 228 p.
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